2008 State of North African Cities Chapter

Chapter published in the 2008 UN-Habitat State of African Cities Report

The State of the African Cities report supplements the UN-Habitat State of the World Cities Report released every two years. This report analyzes existing and emerging trends in human settlement patterns across Africa. The North Africa section discusses trends specific to the countries of Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan and Mauritania within the African context. These nations are characterized by higher levels of urbanization, stronger central governance, a more arid climate and higher GDP per capita than their Sub-Saharan African counterparts. Several of the countries in the region, particularly Egypt and Tunisia, have had substantial success in reducing the slum populations in their major cities, and others like Morocco have instituted successful programs to provide housing to their low income populations. However, the region still faces high levels of youth unemployment and significant environmental threats related to the impacts of climate change.

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