Community Solid Waste Management in the Districts of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Solid waste management
Urban sustainability

Location: Low-income, peri-urban neighborhoods of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Enda Ocean Indian
Community partners
The European Union
Ensemble Foundation
French government
Swiss government

Background: Before the project, Antananarivo  communities had one or two dumpsters on their fringes that were periodically emptied by the City. The lack of waste bins and collection networks in the interiors led to open dumping and poor environmental and health conditions.

Project: The ADQua project, implemented by the NGO Enda Ocean Indien (Enda OI) with US$96,000 in funding support from the EU, the Ensemble Foundation, and the French and Swiss governments, aimed to address this issue of internal waste collection.

After the City launched the project in 2005, the participating wards selected people to serve on a 7-person management committee. The committee developed the waste collection project with technical support from Enda OI. Typically, the project allocated one street-side bin for every 15 households and hired 6 waste collectors to empty these bins every day into the community dumpsters. Enda OI funded the street bins and collection equipment (wheelbarrows, spades and rakes), but the operations are funded through household fees of US$0.15 to 0.30 per month that are collected by the committee.  The committee also plays an important role in raising awareness of good practices in waste management.  Enda OI supports each committee for 2 years to build their capacity, address embezzlement and auditing issues, and ensure continued interest.

Results: By 2008, 20 districts had implemented waste collecting systems that were working successfully.  Around 2,200 bins had been placed in the poorest districts, 33,000 households (or 160,000 people) benefited from an improved environment, and 120 persons were employed as waste collectors.

Source: Adapted from UN-Habitat’s 2008 Database of Best Practices “Sustainable Solid Waste Management in the Districts of Antananarivo.” Available online at: