Monthly Archives: November 2012

Urban Upgrading in Dar Alsalam, Khartoum

Topics: Urban Upgrading Sustainable Housing Rapid Urbanization Location: Khartoum, Sudan Year: 1991 Background: Khartoum is historically the main destination of migration in Sudan. It hosts 45 per cent of total rural-urban migration and 50 per cent of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Khartoum hosted 79 per cent of all migrants...
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Rainwater Conservation in Bermuda

Topics: Urban Sustainability Water Conservation Sustainable Design Appropriate Technologies Location: Bermuda Organizers: Local Government Home owners Private Sector Background: Despite an idyllic location in the Caribbean, the island of Bermuda and its 60,000 inhabitants face two stark environmental challenges. First, with scarce and difficult to access groundwater resources, fresh water...
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