Monthly Archives: February 2013

Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading in Khayelishta, South Africa

Topics: Urban upgrading Crime Mapping Location: Khayelishta township, Western Cape Province, South Africa Organizers:City government of Cape Town Community members Background: Khayelishta township was created in the 1980s by the apartheid government as a way to depopulate the surrounding overcrowded townships. Since then, Khayelishta has been a magnet for rural-urban...
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I2UD Joins the Global Land Tool Network

The Institute for International Urban Development is proud to announce that it is now a partner organization of the Global Land Tool Network, an alliance of individuals, civil society, businesses, and government agencies dedicated to alleviating poverty through pro-poor land reform, improved land management and security of tenure. We believe...
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“Re-Blocking”: In-situ Upgrading of Informal Settlements in South Africa

Topics: Urban Upgrading Sustainable Housing Informal Housing Location: Langrug, Stellenbosch, South Africa Actors: Informal Settlement Network (ISN) Stellenbosch Municipality Residents of Langrug Community Organisation Resource Center (CORC) South African Slum/Shack Dweller’s International Alliance (SDI Alliance) Year: 2010-2012 Background: Stellenbosch Municipality in Western Cape Province, South Africa, is world-renowned for the...
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