I2UD Joins the Global Land Tool Network

The Institute for International Urban Development is proud to announce that it is now a partner organization of the Global Land Tool Network, an alliance of individuals, civil society, businesses, and government agencies dedicated to alleviating poverty through pro-poor land reform, improved land management and security of tenure. We believe that this partnership will enable us to better share our best practices and expertise in urban planning and research with even more communities and local governments; we will also be able to tap into and contribute to a vast resource of knowledge and successful projects relating to land management in every corner of the globe.

GLTN focuses on the development and implementation of land tools, which are ways to solve problems in land administration and management. They include a range of measures, such as a slum enumeration survey, a tenure policy, or a housing finance instrument. In order to achieve the objective of poverty alleviation, each tool must meet the following criteria:

  • Pro-poor
  • Equitable and gender-responsive
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Subsidiarity
  • Governance
  • Systematic, large-scale

The GLTN has identified 18 land tools which, when fully implemented, form the foundation for any land-based poverty alleviation plan from establishing property rights to building low-income housing.  For an in-depth look at land tools, read the discussion on GLTN’s website: http://www.gltn.net/index.php/land-tools/an-introduction-to-land-tools