Spring 2013 Newsletter

I2UD Promotes Urban Planning with the World Bank
I2UD is assisting seven cities and towns in Belize develop their first municipal development plans (MDPs) through the World Bank-funded Belize Municipal Development Project. The MDPs aim to build town planning capacity, strengthen municipal revenues, increase citizen participation, and improve disaster risk management. I2UDwill assist local councils draft the MDPs through tailored training modules, joint assessments, and technical support.
Mona Serageldin Presents at Med Cities Forum Balkans Social Accountability Assessment Concludes
I2UD Joins the Global
Land Tool Network

In April, Mona Serageldin presented on urban governance at the 3rd Forum of Local and Regional Governments of the Mediterranean. I2UD is also writing a chapter for the forthcoming UCLG report on urban governance.
In March, I2UD traveled to the Balkans to present the results of its Social Accountability Assesment. The Assessment was conducted in five cities and will guide local officials’ efforts to reach vulnerable groups and prioritize future projects.
I2UD continues its mission to connect citizens, policymakers, and planners to urban development’s best practices by joining the Global Land Tool Network
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