Monthly Archives: October 2013

Social Sustainability Assessment Reports

City Specific Assessments of Social Accountability and Social Inclusion in Urban Service Delivery (2013) The following reports and briefing notes present the results of the Social Sustainability Assessments carried out by the Institute for International Urban Development and Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development, in association with local partner NGOs in...
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ECA Social Accountability Notes and Reports Published

I2UD is pleased to share its deliverables from the ECA Sustainable Cities – Social Accountability and Sustainability Audit in five Balkan-region cities. The objective of the project was to gauge the level of accountability of local governments towards vulnerable groups in the cities of DurrĂ«s (Albania), Banja Luka and Sarajevo...
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Launch of UCLG GOLD III Report in Rabat!

The I2UD is proud to announce the official launch of United Cities and Local Government’s Global Observatory on Democracy and Local Government’s third global report (GOLD III), which details the role of local authorities in service provision around the world. Mayors, local government officials, and civil society gathered in Rabat...
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