Monthly Archives: December 2013

Jim Kostaras Writes Editorial for Boston Globe

In November 2013, Boston elected a new mayor for the first time in 20 years, prompting calls for wide-ranging reforms in the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the city’s powerful planning and development department. Many of the mayoral candidates in the general election vowed to totally overhaul the BRA, replacing it with...
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Strategic Land Use Planning for Climate Change-Driven Water Shortages in El Alto, Bolivia

By Jim Kostaras While the role of urban planning in flood risk mitigation is better understood, the relationship between water scarcity and land use planning, including in mountainous communities affected by receding glacial ice, remains a critical gap in planning research. The changing climate has made an understanding of this...
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I2UD attends its first GLTN Partners’ Meeting

Maren Larsen attended the Global Land Tool Network Partner’s Meeting in the Hague from November 11th – 15th where she represented I2UD in the International Training/Research Institution Cluster.   Having joined the Global Land Tool Network in early 2013, the GLTN 5th Partner’s Meeting held at the Dutch Ministry of...
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