LPWGs Finalize Development Plans for Seven Municipalities in Belize

Since holding the second National Workshop in Belmopan in December 2013, I2UD has been providing trainings and technical assistance to the seven Local Planning Working Groups (LPWGs) to develop Chapters 4 and 5 of their municipal development plans. Training Module 4 was held in January/February 2014 and focused on Infrastructure and Investment Planning, while Module 5 was developed around Implementation and Financing Strategies and took place in February/March.

Module 5 was also an opportunity for the LPWGs to determine and develop Catalyst projects, which address urgent planning needs and demonstrate visibility and impact while creating momementum for the implementation of the wider Municipal Development Plan. Elda Solloso worked with LPWGs to complete their plans over the course of two months in the field. I2UD has also drafted a Guidance Manual to enable LPWGs and municipalities to update their plans in the future. The manual along with the final MDPs are currently under review and will be presented in their final form at the third and final National Workshop in June 2014.