I2UD’s Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency Framework

Integrated Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Framework

Over the past three years, I2UD has increasingly focused its activities on documenting and understanding the potential impacts of climate change on land-use and urbanization patterns and exploring different adaptation strategies at the regional, urban and neighborhood levels. I2UD’s recent work has led to the development of an operational framework for resilience that focuses on adapting and lessening the negative impacts of climate change in a socially inclusive way. Our approach understands resilience as a continuous and dynamic process that seeks to understand and address the underlying causes of climate change-related risk situated within complex urban systems. We view risk as a combination of three components: exposure to natural hazards due to geographic location; vulnerability to small- and large-scale weather events due to socioeconomic conditions; and an institutional capacity to adapt to climate variability and adequacy of infrastructure systems, land management, and inclusive development policies.

Check out I2UD’s recently published Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency Framework to learn more about our approach.

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