Technical Assistance to Arusha, Tanzania

In February, Mona Serageldin presented the development plan to guide Arusha’s urban growth through 2020 to His Honor the Regional Commissioner and the special Task Force of high officials assembling key stakeholders to work with I2UD on the plan. Several projects were proposed by I2UD staff Alejandra Mortarini, Linda Shi and Carolina Morgan to structure urbanization and provide residents with the much needed services they prioritized in meetings with the communities at the ward level. The Regional Commissioner and members of the Task Force appreciated the proposals and decided to pursue the development of two key projects:

  • The creation of a logistical node at the intersection of the ring road with the East-West national development corridor. The node will be implemented through a public/private partnership and serve as a distribution, warehousing and light industrial center. In order to alleviate congestion in the central area the Task Force suggested that the national bus terminal be relocated from the city center to the logistical node.
  • Building community centers to provide a public clinic, potable water, improved sanitation, playground and market space and solid waste service blocks in every ward. A fundamental objective is to create a civic center enabling the ward to launch and manage community-based initiatives and engage and empower residents particularly women and youth to actively participate in shaping the future of their neighborhoods.
I2UD will further detail these projects and work with the Task Force to develop an implementation plan.