Can Climate Change Adaptation Relegitimize Urban Planning?

Cities at the Forefront of Climate Change Adaptation As national governments continue to grapple with the politics of carbon mitigation, many cities have moved on to the issue of how they can adapt to changing climates because they have been bearing the brunt of severe climatic events. On June 2-4,...
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The Future of Older New England Cities

The economic recession and drastic federal budgets cuts are confronting municipal governments in the U.S. with a looming fiscal crisis that will severely strain their capacity to formulate the strategies necessary to ensure their long-term economic competitiveness, deliver essential services and address problems of urban poverty. Smaller cities in the...
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Recent Events in North Africa and the Near East

The dramatic developments that started in Tunisia, spread to Egypt and are now affecting other countries in the region came as no great surprise to us. Although neither the timing and varying levels of violence nor the spread of popular discontent from one country to the next could be predicted,...
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