Central America | Study on Migratory Flows, Poverty and Social Inclusion

Chapter published in Hamdi, ed., Urban Futures: Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction, 2005

SIDA 2005, IADB 2006

This research on transnational migration used Cuenca, Ecuador, as a case to demonstrate the need to address migration in poverty reduction strategies at national and local levels.  The paper was presented at the World Bank 4th Urban Research Symposium in 2004 and subsequently published.  Through a SIDA grant, CUDS then documented cases in Nicaragua and San Salvador, which led to a second 2005 report.  Based on this research, CUDS gave a 2-day training to staff at the Inter-American Development Bank on addressing the impact of migrants’ remittances on housing and land markets.  Acclaimed for its cutting edge material and excellent participant evaluations, CUDS was invited to conduct a second course in Spanish in San Salvador in 2006.

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