UN-Habitat State of Arab Cities 2012 Report

  Sponsor: UN-Habitat Project Duration: 2010-2012 On May 4, 2012, UN-HABITAT launched its first-ever State of Arab Cities Report. The Arab world has played a very important role in the history of urbanization. It is the region where urban civilization was born and where urban matters have been addressed for centuries. The Arab urban civilization, as it has evolved over the past millennium, has generated some of the most beautiful cities in the world. This publication is the latest of a series of regional reports documenting the state of the world cities, and the first to comprehensively analyze urbanization processes in the Arab States through the review of its four sub-regions: the Maghreb, the Mashreq, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the least-developed Arab countries of the Southern Tier. Dr. Mona Serageldin, the lead author of the report, was supported by a team of experts composed of Kendra Leith, Maria Luisa Fernandez Mansfield, Linda Shi and Francois Vigier. The report, in documenting and analyzing key demographic, economic, housing, environmental, governance and migration conditions in cities in the Arab region, presents a clear picture of the urban issues that will need to be addressed to ensure a more stable, equitable and sustainable future. This timely report is an important contribution as cities, countries and international organizations reshape their policies and strategies for the region’s development.
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