Samarkand, Uzbekistan | Revitalization and Rehabilitation of the Historic District

Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) Historic Cities, 1996

The Unit for Housing and Urbanization joined the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) Historic Cities Program in a mission to assist government authorities to adopt viable strategies in the rehabilitation of the historic urban fabric and discontinue renewal through demolition and rebuilding. The Unit worked with local public officials, practitioners, and Mahalla leaders to establish an institutional framework for revitalization and local rehabilitation initiatives in the city’s Historic District. The main objectives of the resulting initiative were to:

  • Review and revise the City’s master plan;
  • Adopt conservation and design guidelines;
  • Establish a strategic development plan for the Historic City Center that links and leverages investments in different sectors including infrastructure, environmental improvements, urban conservation and new construction;
  • Establish organizational frameworks that foster central/local coordination through the Hokim and city/community partnership through the Mahalla communities;
  • Identify and develop pilot conservation and rehabilitation projects to test planning design, financing and institutional frameworks;
  • Identify financing sources, including public/private partnerships.

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