Szczecin, Poland | Housing and Centrum Renovation Strategies

USAID, 1996 to 1997

The Unit provided assistance to the city of Szczecin in formalizing a housing policy and strategy and worked with the city renovation team to develop new approaches to renovation of property and provision of public services. This work was accomplished within a framework of strategic planning. Going beyond the more familiar concerns relating to standards and layout of physical property, the strategic approach includes organizational, financial and economic management as well as prioritizing, programming and targeting of developmental activities. For housing, major concerns include: housing management; new housing development; property renovation- neighborhood upgrading; and, land assembly. In the centrum, downtown area, the focus is on protection from degradation – property renovation and transformation for housing and commerce; and, environmental and heritage preservation. All aspects of the work seek to use a flexible combination of private and public sector involvement, maximizing commercial returns and minimizing subsidies.

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