Slum and Urban Upgrading

Much of I2UD’s work centers on improving living conditions for the most vulnerable urban dwellers. This invariably requires a heavy focus on informal settlements and slums. Indeed, the UN Millennium Project and its subsequent Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) consider slum improvement to be one of the foremost tasks in alleviating world poverty. At I2UD, we advocate an integrative process for improving the lives of citizens residing in informal settlements. These measures include:
  • Instituting participatory urban processes that give a voice in decision-making to poor and marginalized populations.
  • Partnering with communities, community-based organizations (CBOs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including advocacy groups, on community-based initiatives.
  • Providing access to land (including regularization), infrastructure, and urban services.
  • Initiating integrated programs for the improvement of the urban environment.
  • Supporting the development of small businesses and micro-enterprises.
  • Fostering citizenship and social inclusion.
  • Collaborating with foundations and philanthropic organizations on social projects.
  • Alleviating the hardships endured by poor and marginalized populations.
  • Initiating special programs to reach vulnerable groups

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