The Institute maintains an ongoing relationship with Research Affiliates in various countries. They participate in its research and capacity building activities and provide information on emerging development trends.

Senior Affiliates

  • Maria Luisa F. Mansfield, Preservation Expert, Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at Universidad Simón Bolivar in Caracas

    Maria Luisa F. Mansfield has been primarily involved with cultural heritage activities at the Institute. She is presently coordinating the documentation of the historical monuments in the Old City of Jerusalem Website Project. She also has extensive experience in the documentation of case studies on informal micro- enterprises and home-based activities, as part of the self- improvement strategies of Urban Lower Income families in Latin America. From 1991 to 2002 she was professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the Department of Design and Architecture at the Simon Bolívar University, Venezuela. She has consulted with international firms involved in the design and construction of mosques in Venezuela, and Morocco.
  • Elda Solloso, MUP (Harvard), B.A. in Sociology (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

    Elda is an urban planner and a sociologist based in Madrid. She specializes on providing technical assistance to municipalities, development agencies, international organizations, non-profits and private firms in the formulation of comprehensive and sustainable urban development policies, strategies and action plans. Her recent work includes authoring background chapters for UN-Habitat’s Urban planning for city leaders: A guide on spatial planning, finance and management. She was also an urban specialist and coordinated the preparation of a Strategy and Action Plan for the preservation and improvement of Ancient Chinatown for Ho Chi Minh City’s municipality (Vietnam). As a Senior Analyst at Design Convergence Urbanism (DCU), she worked on local development plans and prepared studies for a number of Spanish Regional and Municipal governments. Previously, Elda worked as a planning associate at the World Bank Energy and Infrastructure Unit for South Asia, and provided recommendations to the governments of Bhutan, Afghanistan and India on land use, growth management and municipal management plans. Between 2003-05 she was a Research Associate at Harvard University’s Center for Urban Development Studies, and worked primarily with Mona Serageldin on projects relating to social inclusion, migration and the impact of remittances, municipal finance and mechanisms for citizen participation. Elda completed her studies with a Licence degree on regional planning from the University Paris X, Nanterre.
  • Samir Abdulac, Director of CAUE, France
  • Ricardo Puerta, Development Sociologist, Honduras
  • Ian Chodikoff, Architect, Editor of Canadian Architect magazine, Toronto, Canada
  • Liviu Ianasi, Secretary, Romanian Professional Association of Urban Planners, Bucharest, Romania
  • Ali Kural, Architect and Urban Planner, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Andrei Luncan, Vice President, Romanian Professional Association of Chief Architects of the Municipalities (Former Chief Architect, City of Oradea, Romania)
  • Januz Szewczuk, Vice President, Association of Local Economic Development Professionals, Szczecin, Poland
  • Luis Valenzuela, Professor, Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile