The Institute for International Urban Development believes that collaboration and partnership are integral to the success of any project. The Institute maintains an ongoing relationship with Research Affiliates in various countries. Over the years, the Institute has been lucky to work with talented individuals and expand the network of professionals dedicated to the work of urban development. They participate in its research and capacity building activities and provide information on emerging development trends.

  • Samir Abdulac – Architect, Planner – France
  • Ian Chodikoff – Architect, Editor of Canadian Achritect Magazine – Canada
  • Eben Forbes – Community Development Specialist – Boston
  • Liviu Ianasi – Secratery, Romanian Professional Association of Urban Planners – Romania
  • Ali Kural – Architect, Urban Planner – Turkey
  • Maren Larsen – Former I2UD Associate, Ph.D. Candidate University of Basel
  • Andrei Luncan – Vice President, Romanian Professional Association of Chief Architects of the Municipalities
  • Maria Luisa F. Mansfield – Ph.D. Harvard University – Boston
  • Oriol Monfort – Architect – Boston
  • Ricardo Puerta – Development Sociologist
  • Elda Solloso – Urban Planner, Sociologist – Madrid
  • Januz Szewczuk – Vice President, Association of Local Economic Development Professionals – Poland
  • Luis Valenzuela – Professor, Universidad Catolica de Chile – Chile