John Driscoll – Vice President

B.A. (University of Maryland), M.A. (American University), AICP

John Driscoll is a vice president of the Institute for International Urban Development and serves as Director of the International Centre for Local and Regional Development in Armagh, Northern Ireland. He is a research fellow at the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies.

As a planner interested in housing, urban management and community development he has worked with central and local authorities and community groups in transition societies and economies in Albania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, Poland, Romania, South Africa and the United States.

He is actively engaged in developing and teaching professional education programs for urban planners and managers and has been involved in courses at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the World Bank, the Central European University and the Soros Foundation funded Local Government Initiative in Budapest. Affiliated with the Harvard Graduate School of Design since 1989, John Driscoll was a Lecturer in Urban Planning (1997-2001); a Senior Research Associate of the Center for Urban Development Studies (1989-2005) and its Assistant Director (1997-2005).

Working closely with local teams in different cities, he has assisted in the formulation of city development, planning and local economic development strategies, community based development projects and large-scale neighborhood regeneration projects and has conducted numerous urban program policy reviews and research studies.


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Photo by KSK Photography